Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Athens 10676
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Quinta Essentia / Hellenikon Metropolitan Park
Athens - third prize
The project of the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park emerges from its limits. The existing neighborhood grids are extended to the interior of the site area. The areas of urban development act as a transition between the old and the new, between man’s intervention and nature. Axes from the east to the west restore the natural relation of the slopes of Mount Hymettus to the Saronic Golf’s coasts. A different function is attributed to each one of them offering a number of possibilities for accomplishing this new crossing. Finally, a simple gesture, a line from the north to the south affects the entire length of the park. This gesture becomes the essence, the Quinta Essentia of the park. This union is built on the strongest existing basis that the airport possessed: its runway. The memory of the airport becomes the substance of the park and the Quinta Essentia embodies the park’s new spirit. (With Marc Bourgeois, architect, Paris France)