Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Athens 10676
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Mirror Solids / New Maribor Art Gallery
maribor - shortlisted
The reflected image of the city on the River Drava is transformed into a new cultural typology: a gallery space suspended between two roofscapes. The upper roofscape lifts the morphology of the old city center from its ground plane, creating monumental volumes of light. The lower roofscape inverts the same morphology to allow the city to pass through its porous ground plane, connecting Maribor to the river. Six distinct programmatic pylons encapsulate the City Living Room, a glass box extension of outdoor public space at the UGM’s center communicating a sense of total openness and accessibility. Elevated above the pylons, the exhibitions level maximizes the use of natural light inside the gallery. The characteristic roofscape of the museum is not merely an expressive architectural element, but it also offers precise control of natural and artificial lighting conditions in every room.