via sant'apollonia 25, 40126 Bologna
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Water fountain
Predazzo - second prize
The aim of this sculpture-fountain, explicit allegory of the surrounding landscape of the Dolomites, is to celebrate the multifaceted beauty of the mountain representing its semplicity. The normal miracle of the water that flowing opens its way in the rock is a matter of masses, fluids, friction and gravity. Here we simplified this process in geometrical shapes and scaled to human size the same cycle that generate the marvellous skyline all around. The fountain is made of 25 layers of shaped porphyry, 15cm thick. The assembled sections give shape to the mass of mountains, to the river bed and to the basin. An hidden pipe will release from the top of the valley a small amount of water, flowing down from the steep, collecting in the bottom pool, and falling from the street side in a linear manhole.