Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Athens 10676
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Exisenz Maximum / 220 Housing Units in Kardia
Kardia - first prize
Existenz Maximum is a housing continuum that consists of successive enclosed interior and open air spaces. Each point in the Existenz Maximum is distinguished by different attributes depending on its position in relation to the glen, the morphology of the terrain and the available view. A given house might preserve its sense of inwardness through the maximization of ground floor and inner patios or combine the privacy of ground floor patios with lines of vision commanded from the upper floor; or, again, it might be pursuing an outgoing character through opening up to the view of the glen. The overall effect is one of blurring the distinction between domestic and communal dwelling environments through the manipulation of a continuous urban fabric in relation to density and landscape. The resulting gradient is neither urban nor rural but creates its own all-inclusive social and building categories where the town meets the countryside.