Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Athens 10676
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Peripteron / Art Fund Pavilion
Woking - finalist
Our proposal for the temporary pavilion for the Lightbox Museum is based on the concept of the Greek peripteron, (peri- “about”, and pteron “wing” or “colonnade”), which describes a “permeable” building structure whose columns continue on all sides of the perimeter. Our Peripteron accommodates programmatic flexibility (exhibitions, lectures and gatherings) through a site-specific morphology that divides the Museum courtyard into two smaller areas that relate to the entry gate and to the café. According to the Peripteron’s use, various of its perimeter segments open up to address the immediate context and circulation.The Peripteron consists almost entirely of wooden, box-like cassettes and Finn Forrest I-joists and the vivid, green exterior finish, while inspired by the ecological choice of materials and methods also engages the ‘artificial nature’ of this temporary, manmade structure.