Ypsilantou 35 & Ploutarchou, Athens 10676
project image
Glow Box / Cyprus News Agency
Nicosia - third prize
On the one hand, the rather indifferent context of the site calls for an introverted strategy that includes and defines fragments of exterior space within the programmatic space of the building. Four intensely planted courtyards thus disrupt the homogenous suburban block, enlivening its interior. On the other hand, a continuous yet permeable ceramic skin circumscribes both interior and exterior spaces along the perimeter, making for an inviting and porous ground floor for both visitors and employees. At the top, a translucent U-glass platform houses the News Room, the Agency’s most important function, glowing with a soft but powerful light that dominates the horizontal expanse surrounding it. These two qualities, permeability and translucence, symbolically underlie the News Agency’s role in absorbing and emitting information.