plaza real 18 barcelona
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24 hours Pavilion
24 hours Pavilion The Minimum has been our key element to explore new, unexpected ways of exibility and interoperability in spatial production, while moving away from over-packaged architecture. Richard Serra said: "The biggest break in the history of sculpture in the twentieth century occurred when the pedestal was removed." When it comes to a pavilion, what happens to its architecture when the foundation is removed? The pavilion is oating and its only point of contact is the structural core of the object. The pavilion has been designed taking advantage of the excellent properties of plywood. The strength and exibility of this engineered board have been pushed to its limits to give this material a new way of working. The 94 ribs’ radial arrangement starts from the base, a metal anchorage, and spans to the outer façade, dening with one element the skin, the roof, the walls, and the structure. By aligning the plywood veneers in the c