Panaghias Marmariotissis 16, 15232 Athens, Greece
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Two exhibitions were presented at the Melina Municipal Cultural Center. Firstly, the entries to the ANTHEMIAS S.A. - DOMES architectural competition, the third competition organized by DOMES international architectural review in collaboration with private stakeholders. Secondly, the exhibition ‘Home Stories: An Inside Look at Single-Family Houses in Austria’ co-organised by the Austrian Embassy in Athens and DOMES, in celebration of the latter’s second anniversary. The exhibition presented 28 recently built single-family homes in Austria. Portraits of the people and families who live in the homes were presented in the show alongside photographs and plans of the buildings. The 12 entries of the Anthemias competition were presented in four triangular in plan, backlight billboards made out of polycarbonate sheets. The billboards were placed freely in the entrance of the first exhibition space. The home stories exhibition was housed in a single, rectangular, pitched roof structure made out of single sided plasterboard sheets and studs inserted in space at an oblique angle in order to connect the two linked exhibition spaces. Within the interior of the house, the portraits of the house owners were displayed upon the walls, while each of the exhibited houses was presented on an A1 poster stacked in copies for the visitors, on a folding table. An oblong window framed a view across into the ‘forest’ of the 25 domes back issues.