Panaghias Marmariotissis 16, 15232 Athens, Greece
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35 sites
The brief, set out by the Hellenic Culture Organization, asked for the design of approximately 220 information ‘totems’ for indoor and outdoor locations at 35 archeological sites throughout Greece. An adjustable screen at various viewing heights and angles, fixed upon a unit that would be rotate-able by 360°, suitable for disabled use, summarize the basic guidelines of the brief. The design departed from the conceptualization of the archetypal linguistic definition of the ‘stele’: a standing block or slab. An upright slab bearing sculptured designs or inscriptions. All three proposed variations of the ‘stele’ (wall mounted, self standing for indoor locations and self standing with shading for outdoor locations) are characterized by their slenderness, distinctive height and minimal design. The object is the result of a conscious effort not to compete with the surrounding landscape, its archaeological findings, or any museum spaces, but instead to create a device to frame and reveal. The rectilinear components of the stele are made off 14mm sandblasted aluminium structural sheets. After a long period of product engineering and extensive negotiations with the archaeological council of Greece, the ‘stele’ has been fabricated and installed in an altered version.