Panaghias Marmariotissis 16, 15232 Athens, Greece
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Kiev - second prize
The scheme triggers the dynamic integration to the surrounding landscape with the establishment of two urban fronts: The one towards the lush urban park on the west and the other towards the future high-rise, multi-purpose development on the east.The proposed volumetric articulation creates a dialectic not only between the two ‘towers’ of the development but also with the immediate, existing and planned volumes while capitalizing on the best vistas to the old center of Kiev and the modern city of Darnitsa. At an urban level, the scheme becomes a nexus within a complex system of accesses and routes. The scheme contrasts the common building typologies of linear bars and point towers, introducing two perimeter residential blocks on a podium primarily reserved for public, commercial programs. Nevertheless the programmes do mix and have the flexibility to change in time, due to the unavoidable, ever changing needs of the users. Thus the development not only allows but also triggers the horizontal and vertical programmatic redistribution or change (i.e. offices becoming shops or flats becoming offices and vice versa). Within the two voids of the perimeter blocks, public areas are dispersed vertically throughout the more private floors. The latter overspill and surface on the façade as the envelope is ‘soft’, allowing for the extension of the interiors towards the exterior. Similarly flexible is the private domestic unit whose organization is defined by the axis of internal corridors, the axis of wet and support spaces, the living core and the veranda.