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230,000 lost their lives to the Dec 2004 Tsunami, nearly two million people were forced from their homes. Seki Hirano was employed by Oxfam GB to coordinate the shelter reconstruction programme. Initially to reconstruct three villages in a remote village called Lamno in the South West coast of Aceh Indonesia, and then went onto coordinating the entire Oxfam shelter programme consisting of 1,330 houses in four worst hit regions around Aceh. Oxfams reconstruction programme has now been completed (2008). Shelter coordination work involved a lot of community mobilisation and constantly improving delivery capacity. Working within a challenging post-conflict and post natural disaster context has raised many lessons for future humanitarian responses. In 2008 Seki undertook a habitability survey which interviewed over 300 households - one of the largest house house surveys made to date and gained real insight into how the response was perceived