Kleanthous 3 Athens Greece
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ATHENS - invited
Inspired by the buildings rough beauty and high ceilings we noticed the opportunity to introduce a contemporary style of urban living to Athens. In order to retain the character of the industrial spaces, a single "suitcase" structure is presented to each Loft. It gathers all necessary utility spaces into a single pod and leaves the remaining spaces untouched. The "suitcase" installation is a focused insertion that can be adapted to suit each individual loft whilst retaining its compact and transitional character. The building's predominate element is its four storey central internal courtyard - functioning as the main gathering and access space to all 19 lofts and gallery spaces. The lofts surround and overlook the communal courtyard with its vertical garden and seating areas that are accessed over the open balconies in order to create a permeable transition between the private living spaces and the communal areas.