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TEHERAN - second prize
A monolithic sculpture defining a corner city.The site The site of the project is situated in a north area of Teheran just at the bottom of the Alborz Mountain on the Vali Asr Avenue. The site faces the main street and is situated in the corner with Salmak Street.The project The volume of the building is entirely made of concrete and glass, it is inspired to the near Alborz Mountain; it is like a piece of stone falling apart from the mountain, landing in the city, standing as an inhabited sculpture, as a new icon of Vali Asr Avenue. The building is made by the aggregation of pure volumes excavated and cut down by vertical cuts that frame the internal square, creating a sequence of mass and void, light and shadow; this language wants to re-eco the characteristic Arab element (Evan, caravanserai) The system of opening evocates the erosion of the mountain made by the wind.