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Nesting thought
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
The wooden pavilion evokes the rural landscape and settlement structures of the ancient inhabitants of these latitudes. It offers to the visitors a sensory active experience. A short tunnel formed by light wooden stands is the first part of the pavilion which includes a seat for a short stop and three rolls of canvas attached to the posts where everyone can express thoughts and images. In this way, the pavilion becomes active atelier and the rollers after the event may be exposed to evoke the passage of visitors. The serial aspect of the gallery contrasts with the more intimate and confidential nature of the wooden tent, where can stay only two people. This 'retreat of thought' is illuminated by a red-colored stele that hides the radiant body. A grid of wooden slats together to polycarbonate surfaces ensure the necessary protection of the interior. At night, the pavilion becomes a lantern. Project team: Gianluca Evels, Stefania Papitto.