Viale Parioli 40 - Roma
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Villa B
Technical information: a 1000 square meters house on 4 levels connected with a central stair and a lift plus a 1500 square meter garden. The building is on the border of the Trani historic city centre, in a residential area with a poor architecture, but incoherent both for typology and for materials and colours used and totally in contrast with the historic city centre architecture, characterized by the white of the local stone and plaster. The idea is to give life to a Mediterranean building both for the materials used and for the definition of the volumes. The total 4000 cube meters have been divided in pure independent masses, vertical and horizontal, that underline the differences between the functional spaces of the house. A clear chromatic distinction matches a volumetric one: white (plaster) and dark grey (basalt and steel). The bodies slide one respect to the other almost recreating a little spontaneous urban space. The south front, opposite to the seaside, goes along with the more calm nature of the position, sheltered from the strong wind and less exposed to the confusion of the promenade. The little windows protect it from the sunshine. The north side is defined by volumes leaning out to the sea and nearly indented with big definite glass openings. A completely glassed volume at the first floor divides the parents night room from the children ones and their play room. The big monolithic basalt walls protect the bathroom and the service rooms from the external view letting at the same time the natural light to illuminate the interior spaces.