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Cheongna City Tower
Incheon - shortlisted
GEOMETRICAL EQUILIBRIUM This project proposed to achieve the representative aspiration and symbolic meaning of city chung-na and satisfy people’s stable and grand visual experience to appreciate. We are expecting Chung-na is contineous change, evolving to become technological and cultural city in the world through our strategy for and economically and structurally safe and sustainable development. The Chung-na tower is based on the mathematical principle of turning curves, which is plan result in woven structural condition to deal with its own stress and load. It also has a symbolic meaning for the City of Chung-na. Mathemathically generated circulating structure is enriched by hanged space as a various programes. Continous structural condition comprise of geometric reason of structure for construction and cultural iconic aspects of tower. Main geometric transition of tower means historical meaning of architectural heritage and symbolic. It deals with reference to Korean TAGUK (permanent circulation of cosmos); sustainable, economical and cultural agreement.