Via Pesaro 6, Roma
project image
Vertical SPA facing the colosseum
The tower in Rome is a 3Ddimensional composition of visual cones, every one is oriented trough an historical monument of the city, it is an observatory from who it is possible to have a look all artistic and historical monuments of Rome. The aim is don’t realize just an icon or an self-referential tower, to realize an element directly connected to the city’s flows and its historical and artistic heritage, It should be a gathering place: a structure that welcomes visitors and puts them in contact with all specific points of the city. The tower becomes the nerve centre of Rome, the central point in a net where all flows get in. The tower-shape is composed by interpenetration of the cones and planes orthogonal to them, then it is the result of a sum of elements whose direction, as noted above, is dictated from the orientation to landmarks. The public spaces are in the central core, while the restricted areas, Skybar, Cafeteria, Terraces and Pools, are in the cantilever cones and the private functions are in the underground. The central core and the cantilever are concrete structures and the exterior skin is glass on metal structure. The empty space in between the glass skin and central core should be used like public square.