9, Corso San Gottardo - 20136 Milan - Italy
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Situate - An Urban Landmark for Forest Place
Perth - invited
The area of the site expands horizontally and vertically as a continuum, that includes space in developing areas to stop passersby, meetings, support plans, unusual points of view through the installation itself, making it permeable and continuous in relationship with the surroundings. Expressing the concept of network, catalyzing and expressing the Zeitgeist, the spirit of its time in a project implemented by the latest digital processes of contemporary and transmitted information, translating the virtual space in new fluid, evanescent, whose skin develops with the structure to become the interface between the external environment and internal space. We propose a catalyst of people and events that will allow the accumulation of inputs which are then invested in upgrading the city itself, attractive hub of events, suggesting a strong and immediately recognition of the site... a LANDMARK.