11-12 Shijyo, Higashiosaka, Osaka 579-8053 Japan
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Step Well House
OSAKA - special prize
This is the small house built on the small site of frontage 4.2M depth 12M. In the site,the east,west and south next doors are very close to it except the north road side.It became the theme of this project to overcome such situation and narrowness. As for what we paid attention to, the south next door is 2 stories.In other words, it means that this house can lead light and wind inside from the south wall of the third floor level.In this way,south wall became the big point of this house. By such a reason and the small site, we planned 3 stories,but there was the problem that we should have overcome one more. It is closing practices and darkness of the back space of the first floor. This is a problem to be common to a small house built in a crowded city. Therefore the idea that I introduced to solve such problems is "light-well circulation ".This is the idea which the light well runs along the south wall from the first floor to the sky in the range of 3M*1M ,and the circulation to move top and bottom is insered in there.It gives each floor the light well effect to connect each floor through the light-well circulation ,and promotes the communication of the family. And LDK was planned in the second floor that is the intermediate floor,and a part of the third floor that faced the light-well circulation was lifted on 1M. As a resuit,light and wind from the south wall of the the third floor level came to pass through the gap of the 1M, and they came to be sent to LDK enough. And the gap raises the connection between each layers with the light-well circulation drastically. And the materials are important to let this light-well circulation form. For the table and step floors constituting the circulation,tempered glass was used to let them penetrate light. ,and for the south wall which goes through three levels, acrylic mirror and corrugated plastic sheet were used to let the wall reflect light, and by representing the meeting softly in each floor,the wall lets the resident relax narrowness psychologically.