Hiroshima| Japan
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Cafe La Miell
This is a project of redesigning a café, Cafe La Miell, which is located at the cemter of Niihama City in Ehime prefecture. The old café was unable to accommodate large numbers of customers with its seating capacity. Also, the client wanted the building as a two story and as a landmark in the area. The site was one meter lower than street level. We proposed use the height differences to floor levels in the café. Because of the half ground level floor, the whole space in the store became more open, creating flow planning more active. At the Outside, pebbles are spread out on the beam slabs to match the landscaping, and the distinctive shape and natural materials appeal to a wide range of customers. Furthermore we cut ninety millimeters off of the usual concrete mold and paneled it, changing the hard and cold feeling that concrete gives into something more warm and inviting.