Hiroshima| Japan
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Heiwa-Ohashi Design Proposal competition
Hiroshima - finalist
The new “educational bridge” is memorized not only with its visual but also through physical experience. The Bridge is located next to the Peaceful Ohashi Pedestrian Bridge designed by Noguchi Isamu. The strong and beautiful form of the bridge is remained in people’ mind, and it was selected as a cultural heritage. The new bridge was designed caring for the around environment, and it would also create people’s experience more rich through their physical senses. The bridge is constructed with thin plates, so it could offer open views to surroundings. Moreover, because of the skinny wooden plates, people would feel trembling slightly when they are crossing the river, and it would give stronger sense of “passing through a bridge”. We hope the bridge would be one of a symbol of Hiroshima city as a place not only for crossing a river but also creating a memory in the city through people’s activities.