Hiroshima| Japan
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House in Moriyama
Aichi - special prize
The house in Nagoya has a room designed for plants. This unique building is located in a small and narrow site surrounded by other houses, so that it is hard to get nice views, well-sunlight conditions and other elements to create comfortable environment. On the other hand, because a client’s request was to have a vibrant garden, we proposed a room for plants, “garden room”. The room exists in the house with planted greens, and it is suited along a living room located at the center of the 1st floor. The garden room has outside atmosphere with plants, stones filling the ground and sunlight coming directly from a rooftop, yet it is placed inside as one of rooms in the building. It was our goal to produce a closer relationship between inside and outside, a room and a garden, by using the space for plants as a part of interior at where people put furniture, books, arts and so on.