2F 2-11-15 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
project image
The project aimed to renovate a forty-year-old factory in an older district on the outskirts of central Tokyo. The advertising company that commissioned the job wanted to have their printing office on the first floor with the second floor being dedicated to a social space for the community by creating a workshop for children to learn and interact. Since only one large room was suitable for the studio the building frames were kept exposed to create a single large enclosed space. The opening between the first and second floor has been designed to connect them. Kept as large as possible the windows influenced the buildings proportions and created a new type of fa├žade by exposing the inside of the building and its activities. Rather than trying to build independent relationships between city, site, building and room I designed a place that helped to blur these boundaries and offer a feeling of great connectivity between them.