1-14-15-516 Aobadai Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0042 Japan
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collective housing in Nerima
This is the five stories rental apartment that the owner lives in the top floor. Stairwells, elevators, pipe spaces and other vertical conductors are in the center of building, and some small rooms (about 2.8√ó2.8m) of the isometry surround the circumference, and all these rooms have been set up windows of the same size. There are three dwelling units per floor, and one dwelling unit is composed of four rooms(about 40m2). Each room is connected by the door, and the same room appears when I open a door. Kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom are assigned to each room. Rather than a plan to enjoy to relax in living room, the plan to enjoy making, eating, washing your body, sleeping, and the other activities.