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Tokyo - second prize
It is a scenic art of opera "Le Grand Macabre" at New National Theatre. The author is forward composer György Ligeti from Hungary (1923-2006). It is presented in various countries after it gives the first performance in Stockholm in 1978, and it becomes the first performance in Japan. The dynamic curve that is called a catenary arises when the string is hung by two points. I tried to make the one to make air that filled the stage space a material by the curve's that contained such gravity ranging. 242 strings are hung from the position of 11 meters in height on the going up and down baton in the upper part of the stage, and arranged like the distorted grid to emphasize perspective. The scene is produced by moving and transforming the entire volume of the ribbons instantaneously and slowly by moving ten batons at the same time and in splinters. We won the gold prize of JCD Design Award 2009.