1-14-15-516 Aobadai Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0042 Japan
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Nagano - first prize
It is renovation of a small room in wedding hall. It is a place for some to enjoy the course dish slowly. The room is painted white. And metallic plates to have shape of flower painted white similarly are past. If the thickness is reduced, the warp by heat is caused because a metallic plate is cut by the laser. I made the warp intentionally by selecting the thickness where a moderate warp was caused. The part that has stuck to the wall and the part away from the wall come by pasting the warping flower to a flat wall. The part that stuck to the wall assimilates with the wall, and the part away from the wall throws a shadow out to the wall and makes the outline come to the surface. The wall is covered with the shadow and the space whose expression is changed by the change in little light is born. Flowers are past as becoming a symmetry centering on the intersecting line in the place where the wall intersects with the wall, the wall, and the ceiling. We won the grand prize of JCD Design Award 2009.