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Garden House
Yokohama Japan - shortlisted
This is a house consisting of indoor and outdoor spaces.The clients are a married couple.Their request: “We want a house in which we feel as if we are outdoors.”While there is no clear boundary between the indoor and outdoor in terms of the construction of a house, it offers uninterrupted experiences and similar dimensions, structures, finishes, and furniture density.Although the indoor and outdoor are different environments, all the more reason it is fun if there are both the indoor dining and outside dining.You can sleep on the comfortable bed outdoors for a short sleep.When thinking like this, I feel that a living in which you can do various things indoors and outdoors is possible.I aimed to design a house in which its dwellers feel at ease as if the whole house looks like a garden.I thought that I'll try to design a house where the scenes of living expand to both indoor and outdoor.