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Yokohama Japan - first prize
LOVE HOUSE is a house for a couple.On a very small site of 33 square meters of frontage 3.3m / 10m deep, I planned a building of frontage 2.7m / about 9m deep. I draw the biggest curve on there with width and depth of a building, I distributed a place of a roof and a place of a sky with the curve、And I planned the stairs which went up from the first floor to the second floor with this curve. The main space of the building which these created, it is it with the space that it "is not indoor, and is not the outdoors".Sunlight shows the change from early morning to the evening very clearly to this space.This space without a lighting equipment turns into space where the light of some candles and the darkness of night live together.On a rainy day, a rainy curtain appears along a curve of a roof.When it rains, it is not always the same sound. Quiet rain, intense rain, rain with wind ... rain create various sounds.Light of the sun and moonligh