2-18-7-5F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #150-0001
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Nerima Apartment
This is a condominium in an urban district. The site, which faces on a street running before a train station, is located at the border of a residential district and an area of condominiums. I have given each condominium unit a large terrace of the same size as its interior, like the yard of a freestanding house. Each terrace—an exterior space of distinctive character—is a special feature of its unit and has been situated side-by-side with the unit’s interior. Hence, corner units have an L-shaped terrace, while long, narrow units have a long, narrow terrace, and three-level maisonette units have a tall, three-level void terrace. Instead of attaching an exterior space to the interior like a balcony, I am endeavoring to employ each exterior space’s strongly individual character—its shape, brightness, and so on—in shaping the interior of the unit and its occupants’ lifestyle.