2-18-7-5F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #150-0001
project image
House in Gotanda
This small house is sited in a chaotic densely built district in the city center. The site is a corner lot 46 square meters in size. Dividing the building in two volumes, I made the south wing a three-story volume and the north wing a four-story volume. Between the two wings is 1.2m-wide space. Placing a glass roof over this narrow space, I created a combined entry hall and stairwell. At the front of the hall, near the road, I established a tall entry door about ten meters high, the same height as the building. On fine days, this tall door can be left open to make the hall a space of light and circulating breezes. Going around the spiral staircase, one experiences views of the city and house interior in turns—a south wing room, then the exterior space shared with the neighboring house, next a north wing room, then the hall, and so on. Simply in going to the next room, one briefly steps out into the city.