Krizaniceva 32, Belgrade, Serbia
project image
Europe - Tile Award - first prize
Core of the Coffee Shop next door. Small and elegant spot for daily dose of pleasure. Designed to be perceived as a jewel in the space, Bijou is a small and delicately worked piece that brings aura of luxury to any environment and spices everyday routine with glamour. Necessary elements of bar technology are wrapped into a single unit. Metal rods are covered with tiles that flicker like diamonds and reflect light all over the space: on floor, ceiling and walls. Layers of intimate history of acquired space are exposed on the walls and street paving enters inner space. There is no distinction between inside and outside. This intense urban environment emphasizes delicacy of the core and beauty of people that come for a coffee. Easy to build concept enables creation of variety of cafes that have strong connection with the context and instantly become local epicenters.