ul. Lechicka 59, 61-695 Poznań, Poland
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Kutrzeby - Północna - Garbary Streets
Poznań - mentioned
The northern bastion of Poznan's fortifications, Cytadela, a place of the city dwellers' relax just on the edge of the Old Town, is soon to be cut off by the 1st Frame. This neglected buffer land, as if the bastion's outskirts, waits motionlessly for the oncoming battle, a battle between private and public interest. Such degraded land holds an enormous investment potential being a unique chance for Poznań to show its new face. Aiming to create a self-sufficient organism, the project includes demolitions and underground tunnels, grade-separated crossroads, creating a perspective opening leading from Północna Street to the river, a floor with Wierzbak and a new railway station.