ul. Lechicka 59, 61-695 Poznań, Poland
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Land development plan near Zagórze Str.
Poznań - third prize
What is the potential of Ostrów Tumski - together with restored Śródka and The Royal Route that connects it with the Old Town - it would have a chance to become a true pearl bonding water, beauty and money together. Nowadays can we actually afford such tranquil a quarter in the very heart of the city of Poznań? Yet, here on Zagórze nothing is really happening now. A place that without major difficulties could be vibrant with the hustle and bustle of tourists, cafes, night clubs and art galleries is today nothing but shadow, motionless empty void that Poznań cannot afford. As far as urbanism is concerned, new architecture fits into the building lines and the density that creates the regularity of the streets.