ul. Lechicka 59, 61-695 Poznań, Poland
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"Bimba in Wilda"
Poznań - Wilda - first prize
What is/will be a museum, what is the Wilda quarter, who are its inhabitants? We left the urban aspect of the whole district aside on purpose limiting ourselves only to the vista of the street and the subconscious sensations one may have. Wilda is the HCP factory, tenements from the turn of the 20th century and a fabulous history of the working class of Poznań. Everyday Wilda is full of shaking trams, dark corners, dirty backyards, neglected squares, grafitti and people, among whom the excluded ones, so-called "ziomale" [chavs] - autochthon, young people, often with no prospects at all. Our work revolves then not around the spatial problems but social ones. That is how "anti-architecture" is created: the cubature turned upside down into the ground.