Bosaków 5A/28 31-476 Kraków PL
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Cheongna City Tower
Incheon, KR
Every tower, and especially such a tall tower, is an extremely strong CENTRE of energy. Something in-between the WORLD UNDER and the WORLD OVER. There is also one more aspect, very important for those who come from the outside attracted by the MAGIC OF THE NEW PLACE, by the centre itself; and for those who already live in its SHADE. This aspect is the sense of SECURITY. We feel secure in every city which has an object like this, an object which is a symbolic, thus the most effective, defender. Every city had such an object throughout its history, or it wanted to have it. If this tower, THE TOWER CHOENGNU – THE SAPPHIRE OF THE WOLRD, is to become such an object, it will be this kind of an universal amulet; an AMULET which will offer protection from unknown energies; an APOTROPAIC TOWER, a tower on which we look with anticipation and relief from a window of a landing plane.