Bosaków 5A/28 31-476 Kraków PL
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Opean Fort 400
Amsterdam, NL
The Reef is a complex with many live forms, so our building will be like this as well. In the lower part (Limestone base) we like to introduce commercial uses, offices , ateliers for artist (in the passages so when you will pass through under the building you will see them working!) cafes, restaurants and grocery. In the middle of these we have placed the parking (in inner cave). The upper part with the flat landscape in front forms the main Reef. It is that place which is base on public functions, spaces and housing program. The public functions and spaces are mainly concentrated in the park, under the arcades and on the lower terraces. The upper ones are devoted to housing program and small office buildings. They create together small groups with more private spaces inside of them and lively and rather public surrounding. The building is programmed to be lively and operative 24h a day.