ul. Woźna 11/4 Poznań
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Shopping center
The standard shopping centres are designed in a way that they function as a universe of streets, showcases and halls, separated from the rest of the urban fabric. As a result, those buildings are turning their backs to the streets of the city. When it happens in a city centre, in places that are historically, culturally, socially important, or in main pedestrian streets, it can lead to a certain alienation of the buildings. This is a pity – for the city, and for the commercial investments themselves. Our aim was to break that standard way of thinking in the shopping centres design. One of the reasons for this was that we wanted to make the plot more attractive. It is situated on a main street leading to the historical centre of the city. We also had to take into consideration the unusual triangular shape of the plot The main hall of the building constitutes a part of the a street: it opens towards the street and numerous levels of the hall are well visible from the outside. Here a new quality of a public space was created. It seems to be equally attractive for the shopper inside the building and for a passer-by outside.