ul. Woźna 11/4 Poznań
project image
Semi-detatched house
The main factor while designing this house was the height of the ground floor level. Because of the limited width of the plot, we had to put the technical rooms and garage in the lowest level. In the meantime, the driveway to the garage cannot be steeper than 25% to remain comfortable. That all means that the garage pushes up the living room level to the height of 1,3 m over the garden level. So we pushed one edge of the garden upwards – to the level of the living room’s floor. In this way we created a green slope and made the garden three-dimensional. The slope will be formed using the ground from the basement trench. The facades are design in a way to allow a free forming of the houses’ interiors . The windows’ layout of the south facade differs from the one of the north facade.