ul. Woźna 11/4 Poznań
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House in Czerwonak
Czerwonak/Dębogóra - first prize
The house came into being as a result of our search for a way to separate the calm, private spaces of home and garden from the noisy road. We were guided by the investor's words contained in an essay "privacy and silence is everything to me – reliability, moderation, simplicity". It was therefore important for us to separate the two zones both visually and acoustically. We confronted the above-mentioned assumptions with characteristic topographical features of the plot. The natural outcome was a set of two parts separated from each other with an S-shaped stone wall. One of them has a direct connection with the street and contains mostly the technical infrastructure (garage, boiler room, storages, etc). The other, in turn, is indented into the slope, its back being open to the garden. This is where the living area is located, including the living room with two walls made of glass – one of them looking out over the garden, and the other – over the patio. Its upper floor comprises the night zone with a bathroom and bedrooms. This house design won first place in a competition organised by a private investor.