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water meadow ( heteractis magnifica )
water meadow ( heteractis magnifica ) The water meadow (heteractis magnifica) is a multifunctional tableware object. The essential part of the design are the interior translucent thin rubber forms filled with air, which are inspired by water creatures (e.g. heteractis magnifica ) living in tropical oceans. The move of fluid irregular forms, depending on water, creates unique, unexpected and changing character of the object. When the vase is empty, they just lay on the bottom forming chaotic slippery mass. While pouring the water to the interior, they slowly turn into vertical position, movement and `life`. One may use Heteractis Magnifica simply as decoration, but it can also serve as vase, aquarium, box, lamp etc. Between the glass walls, except just water, you may place flower, fish, shell or whatever you wish. The object is available in different sizes. Water meadow ( heteractis magnifica ) gives you an illusion of ever changing real natural life in a small industrial object. Author: Bartosz Haduch