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Flowers of Europe
Kair - first prize
Europe is a garden full of flowers with different shapes, colours, sizes, smells and needs. Inspite of all differences they all coexist in the garden. You may compare a flower to a country , a man, a work of art, a machine, architecture...anything...and the description remains the same. Water carpet with huge palm –like flowers is the oasis, coloured fata morgana surrounded by the desert. From the ground level you see only the weird ,open public space with huge flowers moving with the wind.You can watch their beauty, move them, sit on them and admire the view or find some shelter from the sun in their shadow. If you want to find out more about the garden,how the flowers grow, how the roots look like, how it all begins, then you can go down.Walking on the underground map you`ll see the roots of Europe-history, culture, art, politics, economy, science and much more... In the middled open space you`ll learn, watch, use, create, play, pray, make, change, dance, cook, meet, experience, stay or whatever you wish. Flower is a special gift-symbol of best wishes, gratitude, love... Europe gives the coloured bunch with best wishes to all the world! Author: Bartosz Haduch