Symfoniczna Street (1/14) 30-047 Cracow
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Osaka needs large people-based space, place of integration, human scale, close-up to nature, symbol, which will distinguish the city on local and global scale. How to reconcile a high- density of buildings, commercial functions, office spaces, concentration of globally competitive businesses and modern industries with factors given in the first sentence? Our proposal is GARDEN OF OSAKA - large public spaces connected with multifunctional megastructure and forest of high organic towers. We created an unique plan for Osaka, unlike any urban space around. This is a new symbol of Osaka, architecture which is a sight, tourist attraction, main feature of the city,pretext to visit, meeting, contact, talk, memoirs to recall after years, picture at postcards to friends... just unforgetable experience. Authors: Andrzej Duda, Bartosz Haduch, Tomasz Grzesik