Symfoniczna Street (1/14) 30-047 Cracow
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Chi-Chi Earthquake memorial
Chi - Chi
The proposed Chi-Chi Earthquake memorial is a covered multi-functional space with ephemerical walls. The key elements for a specific look of the structure are movable exterior walls, which can be modified in many ways. The building can be open, closed, or formed depending on a weather, part of day, month and year. The multi-layered walls are made from white empty round rubber profiles. There are many possible structures of movable elevation strings. Folded floor allows multiplied experiencing of space and gives an opportunity to explore different levels. Central point of the memorial is a hollow space placed at the lowest part of the building. There is a certain idea for celebrating the memory of the earthquake victims connected with that hollow space. Families of the victims and visitors are encouraged to bring a small sample of ground from where they come from and leave it in the hollow space. Authors: Bartosz Haduch, Michał Stangel