Symfoniczna Street (1/14) 30-047 Cracow
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Design of the interiors of the Ethnographic Museum
Kraków - first prize
Design of the interiors of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow in the Town Hall on the Wolnica Square, Krakow New arrangement of space is inspired by folk art, selected from the Ethnographic Museum’s collection and elements of existing interiors of the town hall on the Wolnica Square. The project includes specially designed furnishings, new illumination and partly replacement of flooring. A longitudinal counter with ticket-office and information point is composed of 132 multicoloured elements varnished in traditional stripes costume style from Lesser-Poland (Małopolska) region. Over 5 meters long, colourful block constitutes an expressive, characteristic accent at the entrance and directs visitors to the cash-desk and later to the cloak-room and exposition spaces. The cloakroom is shaped in a form of over one hundred numbered pegs sticking out of the wall. Seemingly abstract scheme is in fact a juxtaposition of notations of folk-music. 143 numbered peg elements are placed on the walls in a simplified layout of notes and lyrics taken from a polish traditional songs. New, multiuse furniture connect separate interiors, obliterate the borders between rooms, suggest direction of movement, invite and provoke visitors to various, often surprising activities and sometimes to individual shaping of space. The project is an attempt of creative interpretation of folk motifs by means of contemporary architectural tools while preserving and exploiting the advantages of the existing building. project: NArchitekTURA I Bartosz Haduch authors: Bartosz Haduch, Sebastian Machaj, Jakub Wagner, Piotr Wroczek