Bosaków 5A/28 31-476 Kraków PL
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Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2008
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Garden city scheme is almost always one of many parts (points) of a bigger complex organism (like a big city). Single living individual will move always from point to point of the same trajectory of each day (this we can call daily routine). When we look at the city as a big orthogonal grid and then when we will look at all their inhabitants' daily routines linked together, they create a king of a galaxy, where each of the points (just like stars) will be named after its function then linked to another and another, and will create an individual map of events. Why can we not generate a house like this. House where certain events happen one after another on unexpected spatial, open and vibrant trajectory. In this scheme the characteristic of nature (flora and fauna) overlap with the characteristic of the house. They are both in an equal symbiosis.