Bosaków 5A/28 31-476 Kraków PL
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Europan 9, Warszawa Czyste
Warszawa,PL - first prize
The „urban cocktail” scheme is based on our personal understanding of Warsaw as well as on current social and spatial transformations typical for post-soviet metropolitan cities. Cocktail is an attempt for creating a „design strategy" which brings a new quality to the abandoned, postindustrial city districts. Strategy, in contrast to a fixed design, seems to be more convincing for a site like Czyste - a place of urban chaos and spatial disorder. Our ”design strategy” tries to mirror and preserve the positive features of the site deriving from its small/medium-scale suburban context. On the other hand, features of low quality are upgraded and replaced. We put great emphasis on the balance between social and commercial aspect of the strategy by making up a set of rules by which the future social investments can partially benefit from commercial development. We try to create a 24/7 lively atmosphere by introducing so called „hot spots" -