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externalreference+cristian suau+esther rovira+marina cella+kevin hong+ phill MAGOK WATERFRONT Beginning of the 21st century has already indicated the tremendous levels of change inurban Korea. Development with many external cultural influences has accelerated to thelevels unseen before.This raises a number of interrelated questions, such as:- How are urban parks in Korea changing?- What are the sustainable paths towards the development of an urban leisure space inSeoul: mixed use or urban disorder?- How can we identify and manifest Korean values into an urban waterfront?- What is the formation and attitude of a urban wetland?- How an urban wetland can become a park?Our proposal is to form a territory of co-existence between nature and artificiality.From its largest context as the first site of the Han River Renaissance Project to its desires to transform the area of Magok, a strong identity strategy is proposed through waterscapes.