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EUROPAN 10.Konstantin.RE-cycle city
LIVING ON ONE WORLD: REDUCE ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT. The global economy is currently in overshot. About 30 per more resources are being consumed each year than can be sustainably provided. If every one on the planet adopted the lifestyle of the average European we would need almost three to support global resource consumption.It is possible to have a high quality of life within a low footprint recycling our urban structures, planning one world cities. ENERGY BUILD LANDSCAPE ENERGY & ECOLOGICAL DEVICES. The project is based on the Productive Landscape concept, built on micro-economies and finalized to: - accessibility to area resources - energy self-production of energy - food self-sufficiency We build a Landscape Constellation, characterized by accumulation points and distribution areas. In energetic terms, the Productive Landscape promote the Environmental and Economic sustainability: we have an Active Landscape and a Passive Landscape: the first one produces energy and foods, the second one compensates the urban footprint. ACCESSIBILITY / USE PROGRAM - PERMEABILITY We design different Networks that will synergistically work together to produce an ETHICAL NETWORK (Km 0) for the use of Local Resources promotion. This strengthens the Collective Identity and the Territorial AffectionTo guarantee the efficiency of an ecosystem the system should be permeable, practicable, and able to react with a certain flexibility to changes, caused by external agents, that could influence the (existing) equilibrium. In a certain sense it has to be a porous system able to receive the TRANSFORMATION. Thus the care for an urban ecosystem lies in the acceptance of its weakness (the materials from which it is constituted are weak: ground, paths, waterway, ecological corridors) that can be seen as a potentiality, also structural, as a project opportunity.