via Ampère 83 . Milano . IT
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LIVE IN 4th NATURE . RE-founding Ecology
SEOUL - invited
HOPEONG PARAGON URBAN DEVELOPMENT . The landscape project setup foresees a run of forms and colors of the green in a temporal ideal development, that starts from a native nature without human art, passing through transition phase, ecotone nature, up to reach the consolidate art of gardens, made nature that organizes and governs the vegetation creating figures and geometric forms. The open space’s user starts from the first perception of the human eye, that is that of the green of the primitive forest where the humanity was born. It will be designed a park where the narration develops itself, similarly to the vegetable metamorphosis, symbol of the time’s flow. The park foresees a continuity of gardens, almost a garden of gardens in a story of the evolution of the earth from the forest to the clearing, from the savage to the garden, as a gem worked by the raw state to the final product: a story of the human creativeness. The leaf becomes a small gem set in a garden of colors, perfumes and discoveries as that of a precious environment where water and vegetation are mixed opening an image of happiness. The predominant evergreen reflects the idea of the continuity of an eternal youth: a constant renewal pointed out by the nature through the green color.