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Tower in Manhattan
New York
The museum-tower in the NYC bay is a powerfully representative lantern, which aims to root the city back to the moment of its economic and politic growth. In this way the moment of its genesis will remain over the years unforgettable. The tower contributes to strengthen the cohesion feeling among the various ethnic and cultural groups which during the XX century came to USA, and wants to celebrate the multi-ethnic melting pot which made New York one of the most vibrating and exciting city in the whole world. The museum system is envisioned as a dynamic body that from the “World War II Memorial” stretches out into the water to fold into a truncated pyramidal volume. The latter is a hollow volume covered with LED screen forecasting no-stop images and shots regarding the ’60 immigration wave. The truncated pyramid is punctured by various cantilever volumes branching out from the central core to set themselves free into the air and pointing their big eyes toward the city of New York. The Big Apple is a cosmopolitan metropolis that was shaped by the interaction of the different ethnic groups which settled in different part of the city: the Chinese in Chinatown and then Flushing Meadows, the Hispanic in the Bronx, the Afro-American community in Harlem and south Brooklyn, Italians in Little Italy and New Jersey, Indians in Jefferson Heights…and so on.. Each of those big eyes is pointing toward those areas, like a light-house, and the ’60 immigration images running over the screens want to keep alive the memory of the common origin of the American people. The museum-tower does not only celebrate the ’60 immigration wave, but also all those people who believed in the “American dream”, and that today continue to contribute to the growth and evolution of this great country. In this way the museum-tower, commemoration monument of the second immigration wave, turns into a real and powerful icon for the city of New York, a connective tissue among all the different wonderful people who made this city the umbilicus of the world!!